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Monday May 7, 2012 11:11 pm

Kickstarter: Build-O-Saurs

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

Build-O-SaursDinosaurs Vs. Dump Trucks! When it comes to moving earth, my vote’s with the dinosaurs, especially the ones called Build-o-saurs.

My pal, animation writer Richard Clark, created Build-o-saurs as an interactive book app. He’s Kickstartering to raise the necessary cash to make it a reality.

“They’re not machines,” Richard says, “they’re just special dinosaurs who are born to build!”

And they look cool, too. Clark, and his creative partner, artist and animator Richard Murray, have created delightful kid-friendly dinosaurs that look like they want to dig, crunch and get dirty on the job site. I’ve got young kids and they loved the character designs.

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According to Clark’s promo material, Build-o-saurs is more than an educational book. “Readers will be playing with the Build-o-saurs as they read or listen to the story. So Build-o-saurs is really a book, a game and a toy all in one.”

Initially, they’re going after putting their app in Apple’s App Store, and the more donors they like up, the more features they can add in.

Kids, dinosaurs and construction sound like a win-win-win, so I’m in.

[Artwork: Build-o-saurs]



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